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For the past few years I’d spent almost 2,000 hours researching and studying chronic disease, nutrition and lifestyle.


I was overweight had a high cholesterol level of 225, prostate issues and very low energy. 


I  lost 44 pounds and kept it off, my cholesterol dropped 75 points and my prostate issues have disappeared. 

I didn't get better with medications, I got better eating the right food.

What I found was there were doctors who were reversing heart-related diseases, diabetes and many more chronic diseases for their patients.

In many cases, these doctors were not only curing their patients, they were reducing or getting them off their medications.

They were doing it with diet and lifestyle changes that mimicked populations in the world that not only lived the longest but don't have the diseases that many other people from around the world suffer from.

 I am now a Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor and have successfully completed the Certification for the Weight Loss Course from Wellness Forum Health under Dr. Pam Popper.

Now I want to help baby boomers " live a life that's meant to be enjoyed" and have the health, body and mind to do all the things you want to do with the people you love and care about so you'll have no regrets.

I want to help you become and stay INDEPENDENT, ENERGETIC and STRESS-FREE so you never have to be a burden to those you love.

To get started, sign up to get your FREE copy of "How to Age Without Being a Burden" The 6 Step Guide to an Independent, Energetic, Stress-Free Life.


I look forward to helping you.

Best regards,

Ed Bishop






She was always proud of the fact that she could take care of herself because one of the things that was always important to her was, she never wanted to be a burden to us.


The last thing you want to do is place the burden of worry and guilt on your kids about having to make a decision about what to do with you.


 Live the life that you were meant to live.


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