The Top 5 Lies About Health And Nutrition That Can Make You Fat And Sick

diet and nutrition Sep 15, 2018

How good is your health and nutrition knowledge?    

Put it to the test.

  1. Olive oil is a healthy foodtrue or false?
  2. Lower-fat dairy products are better for you than full-fat dairy productstrue or false?
  3. Milk and calcium supplements are needed in order to build strong bones true or false?
  4. Starchy foods are fatteningtrue or false?
  5. People develop diabetes as a result of eating too much sugartrue or false?
  6. Genetics has little to do with whether or not you develop heart disease, cancer, or diabetestrue or false?



1) False:

  • Oils (including olive oil) are concentrated fat and calories
  • Each tablespoon contains 130 calories and 14 grams of fat
  • Oils contribute to weight gain, the development of atherosclerotic plaques, and coronary artery disease

 2) False:

  • Lowering the fat in dairy products concentrates the protein content
  • Dairy protein is linked to juvenile diabetes, asthma, allergies,...
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