Does Your Doctor Tell You This?

diet and health Sep 16, 2018

Drugs are almost always the first line of defense against diseases.

As you will see there are alternative treatments that are much more effective than traditional regimens.

Take a look at some studies:

Diet and Diabetes

Twenty five Type 1 and Twenty five Type 2 diabetics were placed on a whole foods, plant-based diet high in both carbohydrates and fiber.

After just three weeks, Type 1 diabetics were able to lower their insulin requirements by 40%  and their cholesterol by 30%.

Twenty four out of twenty five Type 2 diabetics were able to completely discontinue their medication.


Anderson JW. “Dietary fiber in nutrition management of diabetes.” In: G. Vahouny, V and D Kritchevsky (eds), Dietary Fiber: Basic and Clinical Aspects.” Pp.343-360. New York: Plenum Press,1986.

In a diabetes and diet study Dr. Neal Barnard’s research consistently shows that patients lose more weight, are able to significantly reduce or even eliminate medications, and...

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The Mumbo-Jumbo Of Diet And Health

diet and health Sep 15, 2018

Every day we are deluged with misinformation about diet and health.

And the biggest reason is often due to financial conflicts of interest by...

  • Government
  • Health professional organizations
  • Disease groups
  • The media, food, drug, device makers
  • Well-meaning but misinformed health professionals

Leading the way is the USDA  (United States Department of Agriculture).

The USDA was formed as an advocacy organization for farmers BUT is also responsible for setting nutrition guidelines for Americans

Agricultural organizations have always influenced the development of nutritional guidelines, and they favor industry, not optimal health

Below is a list of organizations and their financial ties to industries…

Eat Right. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


  • Abbott Nutrition
  • Coca-Cola
  • National Dairy Council

Premiere Sponsors:

  • General Mills
  • Kellogg’s
  • Pepsi
  • Truvia

American Academy of Pediatrics


  • Coca Cola Company...
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